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Chris's Blogs

Thank You Sedbury
I thank all those who helped elect me as a Gloucestershire County Councillor. I am really and truly humbled by your support. 
Sedbury Action Day 24th April 2021
Join us for our Sedbury Action Day on Saturday 24th April 2021 where Chris McFarling and the Green Party forest boo Dean team will be out talking with voters
Green Party condolences on death of Duke of Edinburgh
The Green Party has expressed sincere condolences to the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family following the sad news of the Duke of Edinburgh's passing at the age of 99.
Election 2021
Vote Green in the Forest of Dean on Thursday 6th May 2021
Growing Concerns Over Integrity - Open Letter to Mark Hawthorne
This latest secret dossier on Javelin Park is important because it is expected to be critical of the council over the contract
Save Our Wildlife
I saw this hedgehog whilst delivering leaflets early one morning. She(?) was still warm and the blood was still drying. In the wrong place at the wrong time.