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Lab Testing

Another fine mess we have got ourselves into

As with climate change, so with corona virus – the government simply doesn’t understand the word “Urgent”. As with testing, so with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the reaction is too little too late. But now it is costing lives, many more lives than was ever necessary.

The Green Party want to ‘take the fight to the virus’; to chase it, find it, isolate it and eliminate it.

Following World Health Organisation advice the party is proposing a bold, and intelligent exit strategy that will get us out of lock-down urgently and safely.

Building a Community Shield to Suppress the Corona virus.

None of the ‘wait and see when we’ve suppressed the peak’, but an active, considered and informative plan of hope for communities desperate to help themselves get out of this mess.

At this critical time in this crisis, I ask you to please read it, and support it if you can and understand show how we can avoid the greatest death toll in Europe.

Let’s win this fight and prepare ourselves for the greatest battle of all – keeping the climate safe.