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Green Party Candidate Chris McFarling

Election 2021

Vote Green in the Forest of Dean on Thursday 6th May 2021


The people of the Forest of Dean will be asked to vote for their Gloucestershire County Councillor on Thursday 6thMay 2021. This is the golden opportunity to send the first Green councillor from the Forest of Dean ever to represent you at Shire Hall.


Furthermore, there will be bi-elections held for two district council seats and a number of bi-elections for parish and town councils where councillors have resigned.


Local Greens are standing for election in order to represent local people responsibly, effectively and positively at every level of local government.


Chris McFarling is standing in Sedbury division, Beki Holland in Blakeney & Bream, and Jackie Dale in Mitcheldean.


Melanie Getgood and Carl Picton are standing in the Berry Hill and Cinderford East wards respectively.



Why vote green?


With an increasing awareness of the plight of our planet, more and more people are taking an interest in whether or not decisions are made to protect the natural world and stabilise the climate upon which we fundamentally depend for our survival.


With an increasing disparity between rich and poor, and unfair inequalities highlighted by the pandemic, a growing number of voters are realising that there is an urgent need for change in the halls of power, where decisions are made which affect all our lives and our futures.


The local Green Party have received feedback from all sectors of the electorate that a green recovery to build back better is urgently needed now, to build community resilience and support a prosperous revival and realisation of the great potential that exists in our much loved Forest of Dean.


If you want to help support local greens, please contact us.

We welcome all those that want to help leaflet their local lane, road or community; follow us on social media; and put up a poster or Vote Green board to be the change they want to see in their locality.


We are a friendly group of people and you are more than welcome to join us.


Why vote for me?

Because I have been working all year round for residents

Chris McFarling all year round