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Prosperity Without Growth

Prosperity Without Growth

The time to act is now. We all know our planet is in peril. The Green Party shows how we can change,, how we can pay for that change and how we can give hope for the future. Give us this one chance to lead where others may follow.

Remember the financial crash? remember who profited from that economic catastrophe? Remember who paid for it, and is still paying for it with cuts to the public sector we all share and depend upon. well, if there is any lesson we should have learnt it is this: prosperity without growth, an economy fit for all, within ecological limits, sustainable. Read Tim Jackson's book Prosperity Without Growth for the details.

We need to live more with less. Sounds crazy but so far, to support economic growth, we are encouraged to buy, borrow and buy, and get into debt and buy again.We then inevitably throw away, waste and remain unsatisfied. We need to question the way we consume and waste, not only for our well-being, but that of the natural world we are polluting.

A vision of a world where public transport is frequent, free and enjoyable is not only possible, its achievable.

The billions and trillions spent on nuclear power and weapons, invested in fossil fuels and nonsensical projects like HS2 could fund a nation self-sufficient on renewable energy, an upgraded rail and bus service able to replace the car as the preferred mode of transport and bring back a sense of hope that we can do this now, within budgets and providing thousands and thousands of meaningful jobs to people crying out for a positive future.