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Chris's Blogs

The Drop of a Feather!
The more I understand about the ecosystems that keep us alive, the more I see how fragile these complex networks are.
Getting Around Better
The lockdown has enabled us to discover that roads are less congested and the old rush-hour has given way to cleaner air and the sound of birdsong.
Another fine mess we have got ourselves into
Let’s win this fight and prepare ourselves for the greatest battle of all – keeping the climate safe.
The Covid Climate Connection
We must learn from this pandemic. Let this be our education, our new mindfulness.
Killing for Sport is abhorrent
When the last salmon is fished, the last wildfowl shot and the last wild mammal hunted, what will you aim your guns at then?
The Truth of the Matter
The Green Party of England & Wales was founded in 1973 by a group of people who were deeply concerned by the alarming rate of global environmental degradation resulting from human activity.