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Chris's Blogs

2030 target has been around since 2010
Achieving carbon zero means reaching a balance between how much CO2 we emit and how much we remove from the atmosphere - in effect eliminating the rise in CO2 levels.
Together We Stand
This is the turning point, the chance to step away from the precipice and begin the work of recovery. We desperately need to restore our respect for climate and each other.
The Right Tree in the Right Place
During the 1970s and 1980s I planted hundreds of trees for the Forest of Avon.
Lest We Forget
My grandad signed up to go to war as a young teenager
Prosperity Without Growth

The time to act is now. We all know our planet is in peril. The Green Party shows how we can change,, how we can pay for that change and how we can give hope for the future. Give us this one chance to lead where others may follow.

Gloucestershire Greens announce General Election Candidates
The six Green Parties of Gloucestershire have announced their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates in the event of a General Election this Autumn.