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Killing for Sport is abhorrent

Fox image copyright The League Against Cruel Sports

I have received a stream of automated requests from members of the Countryside Alliance. Although most of their requests for my support are reasonable and understandable and I do support the countryside, living within it as I do, there is one request for support I cannot agree to. Having already responded, it frustrates me that these emails keep coming in and filling my inbox.

So my latest response, a little frustratingly, is as follows:

"Thank you Countryside Alliance member,

although I replied to the first such request I received from the Countryside Alliance, it seems as though I am being continually bombarded with more and more requests, almost as though my first response wasn't good enough.

I find the killing of animals for sport abhorrent. I always have, always will. I have seen so many wonderful creatures killed I despair at our lack of respect for the fellow creatures with whom we share our world.

You ask...

In particular will you commit to support hunting, shooting and fishing; oppose any further restrictions; and take an evidence-based approach to any amendments to legislation affecting these activities?

I answer, in one word NO! Our planet is dying, our biodiversity racing toward extinction and you ask me to support further hunting and shooting. When the last salmon is fished, the last wildfowl shot and the last wild mammal hunted, what will you aim your guns at then?

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