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Chris's Values

The Economy

Can't we build an economy that prevents poverty and saves us from climate chaos?

Chris campaigns to fit our economy around humanity's long-term goals; an economy that doesn't profit from destroying the natural world; one that prevents fellow citizens from going hungry or falling into poverty.

Some people believe that a clean environment is only affordable when the economy is strong, but in fact, it's the other way around; the biosphere is what gives us life and a living. Human beings and our economies need to find a place within the environment.

The economic assumption that endless growth is not only necessary but possible, is suicidal for any species that lives in a finite world. Then the notion that growth is the definition of progress is also suicidal. It has been acknowledged that endless growth in a finite world is the creed of the cancer cell and the result of adhering to it is death.

The Green Party would re-purpose our economy. Economic growth will no longer be the way we measure progress. Instead, we will prioritise measures of real prosperity and wellbeing, like improvement in health, reduction of inequality and the restoration and protection of the natural environment on which we all depend. Our economists suggest we can and will invest £100bn per year on the future well-being of people and a safer climate.

The Green Party would support an economy that meets the needs of all within the means of the planet. We will encourage "economies that make us thrive, whether or not they grow”. This means changing our picture of what the economy is and how it works to enable us, and our children to prosper.

Chris talks about how the economy needs to change to help everyone and the planet.

Kate Raworth - Doughnut Economics

Tim Jackson - Prosperity without Growth

The Environment

The time to act is now. We all know our planet is in peril. Sir David Attenborough has warned that civilisations are going to collapse and much of nature will be wiped out to extinction if humanity doesn't take urgent action on climate change.

The Green Party shows how we can change, how we can pay for that change and how we can give hope for the future. Give us this one chance to lead where others may follow.

Climate change is accelerating and for the sake of children today, and their tomorrows, we must do all we can to stop it. We cannot delay any longer. Investing in warm, insulated homes, subsidised solar energy and a reliable, affordable public transport system will help. We need new, bold policies and actions to protect our world. We can do that and more.

There are a million decently paid government jobs waiting to be created to kick start the economy and help stop climate change. Hundreds of new jobs locally in producing clean energy and supporting tourism. Chris will continue to champion this meaningful alternative both to austerity and government inaction on the greatest issue of our time.

Chris's proposal in 2018 that the Forest of Dean declare a climate emergency was unanimously supported. He will help the Dean lead on becoming carbon neutral by 2030 whilst enabling people and nature to flourish.


The true worth of the NHS is not that it saves us at times of critical need, but that it would apply the same quality of care to others even if they were destitute. The Green Party opposes the increasing privatisation of our health service.

Our population and life expectancy is growing. We need more beds, more nurses, more doctors and shorter waiting times. We will invest in a free and fully public NHS, so no need for companies to profit from our vulnerability and illnesses. We will invest in mental health services and free social care for the over 65s who need support at home. Our health and that of the climate are intertwined.

Chris campaigns to protect our NHS; that high quality care remains free at the point of delivery; where there are enough beds and staff locally to meet our needs; where our community hospitals are renewed and patients come before profits.


The Green Party united with other parties to try and ensure the Remain option was clear in the last general election. We still believe we should remain in Europe to influence our rapidly changing world for the better and make the EU work for everyone. In the Forest of Dean we were the only Remain party actively campaigning for Europe.

The hard Brexit deal that we may now end up with is harmful to our country. Whatever deal is finalised, the Green Party wants it given to the people to confirm or reject at a People's Vote.

Chris believes that we need to transform the EU and the best way to do that is sitting at the high table with our European partners debating the reforms needed to meet the issues of the 21st Century. We will continue to campaign that we Remain in European.

We are the only Remain party in the Forest of Dean constituency.