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Can’t we build an economy that prevents poverty and saves us from climate chaos?

Chris McFarling, the Green Party candidate for the Forest of Dean, talks about how the economy needs to change to help everyone and the planet.

For more info see the following:

Kate Raworth - Doughnut Economics (YouTube)

Tim Jackson - Prosperity without Growth (YouTube)

Chaceley Village after the flooding


We were up in the “far north” too today but we brought a Baroness with us!

Seriously... we had a request from a resident of the village of Chaceley as no one ever visits them apparently.

We did and we learnt a lot about their flooding problems!

Tree Planting in St Briavels

On Sunday 24th November 2019 I joined some local residents in St Briavels to plant some trees.

Read more about planting trees on my blog.

Dean Academy Visit

Chris underlines how important the choices we make today can impact the future of all our children.

Coombs Care Home Visit

Chris talks about mobility issues for our senior citizens.

The Hustings

Video of the Hustings in St Mary’s Church, Lydney, Gloucestershire on Monday 2nd December where all of the Forest of Dean’s candidates attended and were asked questions by the public. 

The video has not been edited. It was recorded in segments to make uploading it easier. Excuse my pained expression! It was freezing in the church and the medication that I’m taking for my leg doesn’t help!

Hustings 2

Two minute candidate introductions to themselves and political vision

Hustings 3

What motivates you to want to be our MP?

Hustings 4

1) Tell us about your track record: What have you done over your time that has made things better for people in the Forest of Dean?

2) The Forest of Dean voted predominately to leave (the EU): I would like to ask how each of you would work towards honouring the result of the referendum if you became elected?


Hustings 5

1) According to the World Trade Organisation, as members of the EU we have 42 Free Trade Agreements and 50 “Everything But Arms” agreements. Considering that Chile is next on the list with 29 Free Trade Agreements, is it misleading to suggest that our economy with thrive after Brexit?

2) Will candidates explain how, if they get elected, they would work to address the climate crisis with the urgency is deserves? AND f) What would you do first to bring down carbon emissions in time to avoid the worst of the impending climate catastrophe and social breakdown?

3) (19’25”) With the recent issues on the A48 and the calls for going greener, I would like to ask the candidates about public transport. Does it need improving, and if so, how would they improve the services in the Forest of Dean and if they have ever actually used a bus service in the Forest of Dean.

Hustings 6

1) From Lydney Rangers (part of Girl guiding UK):Our whole unit is still in compulsory education and I also work in education myself, I am an ex-teacher and I now work in school administration, so obviously this is a huge issue for us. Many of our members find themselves having to pay for textbooks themselves in multiple subjects that are then used on a daily basis in lessons because their schools simply cannot afford to provide them reliably for children. How would you address the funding crisis in education so schools are able to properly provide for their students and create no barriers to education at all?

2) (13’02”) Considering that the decision by the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) has not yet been made to close the two hospitals in the Forest of Dean, that the suggested replacement is likely not to have as many services and beds, and the evidence from other counties and the Naylor report that this is a step towards private healthcare, what is your view on the closure of the hospitals and do you believe we need to save them and invest the money into improvements?

3) Many people in this constituency, particularly younger people, are finding it increasingly difficult to find decent, affordable and secure housing. Many are forced to live in sub-standard, poorly maintained and largely unregulated properties in the private sector. With house prices now nearly eight times average annual earnings, what would you expect your party to do in government to address the housing crisis?

Hustings 7

According to research, the most important qualities of a good leader include integrity, accountability, humility and resilience. Without referring to other party’s leaders, how would you apply these qualities to your own party leader.

Candidates closing statements- in reverse order to the opening statements.